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This reservation system is only available for TLC Wolf River Resort members and 5 Star Resort members. YOU MUST CALL OUR OFFICE IN ORDER TO MAKE RENTAL RESERVATIONS! If you plan on staying longer than your 'two weeks in', please call our office directly as stays beyond two weeks are subject to availability. If you are bringing guests, please fill out a separate reservation for each guest you are bringing.  If you've never visited TLC Wolf River Resort, and would like to come stay with us at a promotional rate, please fill out the contact form on the 'About Us' page or contact our marketing department at 1-800-381-2607. If you are a member of an affiliate program such as Coast to Coast, AOR, or RPI, you must contact the affiliate you are using to make your reservation!

No sites are ever guaranteed. We will try our best to get you on one of your three favorite sites, but occasionally, we may not be able to fulfill your wishes. It should not come as a surprise that everyone's favorite sites are along the bayou. We are not able to accommodate everyone's site requests when this happens. There are lots of beautiful sites all over the park, and it makes our jobs much easier when you are able to enjoy different areas. It will greatly improve your chances of getting a site you like if you choose favorite sites from all over the park. If you are staying for a period of time longer than a week, we may not be able to put you on a high volume site.

Our guest reservation policy has changed!
Due to high volumes of non-member guests bringing their own trailer during our busy holiday times last year, we have been forced to change our guest policy for all holidays. Small holidays, such as Easter or Mother's Day, are still open to guests, but there is a one guest per member limit during these times. Also, guests must be accompanied by a member during these times. During the four large camping holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Cruisin' the Coast) we are only taking guest reservations for the first 7 (seven) guests that would like a site. We may alter this policy from time to time if we find that the park is not fully filled, but to ensure all of our members have a site during these times we will have to enforce a limit. Also remember, even though we will be taking a small amount of guest reservations during these times, guest's reservations are not guaranteed, and may be cancelled if needed with no notice. The rules listed above for small holidays also apply to these large holidays. Guest reservations during any holiday time can not be made online, and must be called in. Finally, remember that guests are not allowed to book rental reservations during any of our holidays.

If you need to change/cancel your reservation or if you need a rental unit reservation, please contact our office at 228-452-9100, do not fill out another reservation form. Member numbers are required for reservations. Reservations made without member numbers or with incorrect member numbers (make sure it's your TLC Wolf River Resort or 5 Star Resort member number) will not be accepted. 

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